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Panama Boquete SHB


Coffee in Panama

Panama has an excellent coffee reputation and is home to some of the most expensive and exotic origins in the world. Some coffees, like a Panamanian Geisha from 2019, sold for as much for $1029/ lb. And while the Geisha can make headlines, it is not economical for most. As such, we have looked far and wide for something that does not break the bank yet showcases the uniqueness of Panama as a coffee lover’s dream.

This Panamanian Boquete is grown in rich volcanic soil, high elevations and in canopies of shade through the Boquete Valley in western Panama. The coffee grows at a much slower pace than many coffees as humidity near the equator, cooler weather, and abundant protection from the sun create slow down the growing process.

The Boquete boasts a mild bright acidity and body with balanced notes of citrus, chocolate, and pears. It has a clean, floral aftertaste with brown sugar and nutty aromas. Lighter roasts will bring out these qualities in the Boquete, so be sure to try some different roast profiles.

REGION: Boquete Valley

ALTITUDE: 1,200 – 1,400 m

VARIEITIES: Catuai, Typica, Caturra

PROCESSING: Washed, Sun Dried

Q-GRADE: 85 Points

CUP: Mild bright Acidity, Medium Body

FLAVOR: Balanced cup, red fruit and caramel notes

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