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Uganda Mt. Elgon A Plus Organic


REGION: Mt. Elgon

ALTITUDE: 1,650 – 2,200

VARIETIES: SL 28, Nyasaland and Bugisu

PROCESSING: Wet processing and patio dried

Q-GRADE: 84 Points

CUP: Medium Acidity / Medium to Full Body


FLAVOR: Winey characteristics, rich brown sugar aromas, and notes of citrus

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Uganda has had an interesting coffee history that has until recently, prioritized the growing of Robusta varieties over Arabica. Now, as infrastructure and production knowledge improve, specialty coffees from the Mt. Elgon region are building a great reputation amongst importers.

Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano whose soils and weather systems create excellent conditions for the coffee farms that surround it. Like many of its African counterparts, much of the Arabica coffee grown in these nearby farms, are grown in “gardens” with bananas providing shaded canopies.  

This coffee has an excellent delivery with exotic flavors while being clean and well balanced. It has a lingering floral and fruity aftertaste, but the standout characteristics are the brown sugar aromas and the citrus, plum, and cherry flavor notes.