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Nicaragua Honey Processed



Nicaragua Jinotega Organic Honey Processed 

Large scale coffee production began in the mid-19th century in Nicaragua and is one of the countries principal products. Nicaragua’s premiere coffee comes from the Jinotega region, which lies about 88 miles north of the Capitol of Managua. Most of the country’s coffee is grown high altitudes and meets the Strictly High Grown (SHG/SHB) specifications. Much of the coffee is also shade grown, where it lies under the shade canopies of the local ecologies. Nicaragua also is home to “honey processed” coffees, which we will detail below. 

This coffee is produced by Finca La Rubia and is similar to our other Jinotega offering, except it is grown without pesticides (organic) and has a unique processing method. This coffee is “honey processed” where the cherries are left to dry in its mucilage, the sticky coating that lies below the cherry’s pulp / skin. Contrary to its name, this process doesn’t use any honey in the drying process but refers to the color of the end product. Many coffees are washed, meaning the pulp / skin and mucilage is removed using water. The honey processes results in a coffee that is golden and reminiscent of honey and more complex than its washed counterparts. This coffee is certified organic. 

REGION: Jinotega

ALTITUDE: 1,250 m



Q-GRADE: 84 Points

CUP: Sweet winey acidity, medium - full body


FLAVOR: Rich balanced cup, notes of nectarine, cherries, and blackberry.

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